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Yet another AI newsletter?

Nope. We hate low signal-to-noise news as well. Our weekly analysis and investment news are crafted from the standpoint of entrepreneurs, investors and other techies to deliver what you need to read, straight to the point.

The minds behind AIVenture Pulse

👩🏻‍💻 Duanduan is a psych + CS major-turned-police cadet-turned-data scientist. She enjoys creating and growing products that delight people. She currently works in a global social platform tech company, and lead Machine Learning at an early stage wellness start up.

Duanduan is currently based in the SF Bay Area, and calls Boston and Beijing home. In her free time, Duanduan is a struggling skier ⛷️, has her own a cappella group 🎶, loves to play chess ♟️, and currently learning Argentina tango 💃. In her past life, she was the President of Women in Computer Science at Boston College, VP of the MIT AI ML Club, and the founding member of the inaugural MIT Generative AI Summit.

👨🏻‍💻 Hanhan is a techie-turned-filmmaker-turned-techie. Always curious, he enjoys being a learner and catalyst at the forefront of technologies + humanity. A self-taught coder, he is part of the early team at a Generative AI start up and advises an AI start-up on their US/EMEA strategy/fundraising.

Hanhan is currently based in London, but calls Beijing home and couldn’t take the ex-New Yorker out of him. In his free time, he likes global trotting and discovering new cultures. He’s also a CFA level III candidate. In his past life, he was a student cinematographer at NYU 🎥, earned commercial pilot/instructor certificates 👨‍✈️, and enjoyed working on engineering competitions ⚙️.

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